From the Chairman

Time flies, thirty years passed in a flash. Looking back at the history of Dowell Group, we are glad to see that the company has followed the trend of historical development and the pace of the time to thrive in Shanghai with a global vision.

The company carries out various business operations based on the principle of law and achieves common interests and social benefits. "Understand the market, be pragmatic, with integrity" is the beginning and end of all past and future business activities for Dowell.

With the changes in the economic situation at our country and abroad, we deeply feel the challenge and pressure. In order to adapt to the changing economic situation and market demand, the company has adjusted to "expanding investment in financial services and seeking development abroad" as the direction. I am deeply convinced: as long as we grasp the historical opportunity, understand the social responsibilities, we will be able to expand the broad space for enterprise growth.

Efforts, hard work, innovation and expansion. Today, Dowell can do well! tomorrow, Dowell will do better!!

Dowell Group

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