The trade union of the group expresses condolences to the retired employees

2021-02-18 22:00:00 DOWELL 11

In early February 2021, Yang Aiping, chairman of the trade union of the group, together with members of the trade union team, visited 12 retired (retired) old employees, conveyed the cordial greetings and Spring Festival wishes of chairman Chen cunwu, and thanked the old employees for their outstanding contributions to the development of Dowell.


The members of the trade union team inquired about the physical condition and living and working conditions of the old employees, introduced the recent development of the group, solicited the opinions and suggestions of the old employees, hoped that they would take care of their health, care about the development of Dowell as always, actively offer suggestions and invite them to often go back to "home" to have a look.


The old employees expressed their heartfelt thanks to the leaders of the group for their condolences, were happy and proud of the achievements made by Dowell development, and wished Dowell group a more brilliant tomorrow!


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