Leaders of the Group Branch Attended the Member Representative Conference of Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce

2022-08-28 16:20:23 DOWELL 44

On August 28, 2022, at the invitation of Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce and appointed by Chen Cunwu, Chairman of the Group, Wang Zhuonan, General Manager of Yunnan Branch of Dowell Group, and Ying Meng, General Manager of Dowell Lucun Technology (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. attended the 8th Congress of Representatives of Members of Kunming Wenzhou General Chamber of Commerce and the 27th Anniversary Celebration Conference of the Chamber of Commerce held in Kunming Century Jinyuan Hotel.

The meeting started at 16:30 p.m. on the same day. First, it announced the list of the new leadership of the Kunming Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce, and held a licensing ceremony. Then, it reviewed the development process of the Kunming Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce since its establishment 27 years ago, and looked forward to the development direction of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce under the current global economic situation.

At the meeting, the invited participants listened to the speeches of the leaders of the Kunming Federation of Industry and Commerce and the United Front Work Department, and were deeply encouraged by the "four thousand spirits" of Wenzhou merchants - to eat all kinds of hardships, speak all kinds of words, walk through all kinds of mountains and rivers, and do everything possible. Wen Shang's fighting spirit, strategic wisdom, and the pattern thought of making money with kindness and treating others with leniency deserve to be learned and carried forward by all Dowell people!


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