China Angola Guoxin and Handao Pharmaceutical jointly held a signing ceremony for strategic cooperation

2022-04-18 15:12:44 DOWELL 7

On April 18, 2022, Guoxin Cloud Industrial Development Yunnan Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guoxin Cloud"), a subsidiary of Sino Ann Guoxin, and Yunnan Charming Handao Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Handao Pharmaceutical"), a cooperative project involving Dowell Group, held a comprehensive strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Henglong Office Building, Kunming, Yunnan Province. This signing means that both sides start to work together to create a new win-win situation. Chen Cunwu, Chairman of the Group, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech.

At the ceremony, Wang Haiquan, the legal representative and general manager of Guoxin Cloud, first emphasized the background and significance of the signing ceremony in his speech, introduced the overall cooperation development ideas, and said that today's signing ceremony marked the full launch of cooperation between Guoxin Cloud and Han Dao Medicine. Later, Dr. Chen Zijiu, chairman of Handao Pharmaceutical, introduced Handao Pharmaceutical's unswerving scientific research process and pragmatic enterprise culture spirit, and was full of confidence and expectation for the future cooperation between the two sides. He also believed that this cooperation would bear fruit as soon as possible, contribute to the economic and social development of Yunnan, and contribute to the wisdom and strength of Handao Pharmaceutical for the continuous improvement of the people's livelihood in Yunnan. The two company leaders also expressed their gratitude for the important role played by MEIHUI Group in this cooperation.

As the leader of the project, Chen Cunwu, Chairman of the Group, mainly introduced the development layout of Dowell Group in the science and technology and medical sectors, and expressed his optimism about the technical advantages, talent advantages and product advantages of Handao Pharmaceutical. "This signing marks a solid step forward in the all-round cooperation between Guoxinyun and Handao Pharmaceutical, a good win-win project, which can give play to the strengths and advantages of all parties to achieve their respective strategic development goals", the chairman concluded.

Yang Lin and Liu Mingjia, deputy general managers of Guoxin Cloud, Luo Qun, director of Handao Technology, Wang Zhuonan, general manager of Yunnan Branch of Dowell Group, Zhao Xing, financial manager, Yang Jianbo, deputy general manager of Handao Medicine, and others attended the signing ceremony.



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