“Kunming Undertaking The Yangtze River Delta Industrial Transfer” Cooperation Promotion Conference 2023

2023-10-25 20:00:12 DOWELL 60

The wind comes from the sea, the tide surges in the Yangtze River Delta. 2023 Kunming Undertaking Yangtze River Delta Industrial Transfer Cooperation Promotion Conference was held in Shanghai International Convention Center, East Bingjiang Hotel to showcase Kunming's development and to promote Kunming's business environment at 10 O'clock on 25th October .Liu Hongjian, member of the Standing Committee of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the CPC, Secretary of Kunming Party Committee, Secretary of Yunnan Central New District Party Working Committee, Dai Huiming, Deputy Mayor of Kunming People's Government,Weng Kaining,Deputy Party Secretary and President of Shanghai Lingang Economic Development (Group) Co.,Ltd.,and Chen Cunwu, Chairman of Shanghai Donghui Group (as an invited guest) attended the promotion meeting.Mr. Dai Huiming, deputy mayor of Kunming Municipal People's Government, hosted the meeting and displayed the investment promotion video.

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Figure 1.1 Concluding Speech by Mr. Liu Hongjian, Standing Committee Member of Yunnan Province, Secretary of Kunming Municipal Committee and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Central Yunnan New District

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Figure 1.2 Well-known entrepreneurs such as Chen Cunwu, chairman of Shanghai Dowell Group attended the promotion meeting

The promotion conference focused on Kunming's outstanding natural environment, convenient transportation, rich natural resources, long-standing history and culture, great development potential and first-class business environment. Key introductions were made from the aspects of investment carriers, industrial development policies, government guarantees and development prospects. The promotion meeting has aroused wide concern of enterprises and heated discussion, in which the interested entrepreneurs and the municipalParty leaders of the conference conducted a cordial talk. "Honesty leads to cooperation, win-win mindset leads to long-term results.We should take this promotion meeting as an opportunity to continuously enhance exchanges and cooperation with Yunnan Province and other regions, Continue to promote the construction of "Zhenhua 1958 Photography Cultural and Creative Park" and other projects, constantly improve services, promote collaboration, complement each other's advantages, achieve win-win results, and also contribute their own strength to China's modernization and national rejuvenation"said Mr. Chen Cunwu, chairman of Shanghai Dowell Group.

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