Leaders of Gemei Group visited the "Zhenhua 1958 Park" for investigation and inspection

2023-11-24 18:00:42 DOWELL 52

On November 24, 2023, a delegation led by Xu Shuguang, Chairman of Gemei Group, including He Jie, General Manager of Gemei Group's Yunnan Region, Lv Xuguang, Development Manager of Gemei Group's Yunnan Region, Shangguan Silin, Operations Director of Gemei Group's Yunnan Region, and Wang Cuiping, Operations Manager of Gemei Group's Yunnan Region, visited the "Zhenhua 1958 Park" of Shanghai Dowell Group for a project investigation and inspection. The delegation had an in-depth understanding of the park's historical background, current development status, and future planning. They highly praised the park's innovative concepts, artistic atmosphere, and rich cultural connotations, and expressed their willingness to cooperate in the future. Chen Cunwu, Chairman of Dowell Group, and Wang Zhuona, General Manager of the Group's Yunnan Branch, accompanied the delegation during the investigation.


Project Symposium of "Zhenhua 1958 Park"


Project Research and Inspection

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