Mr. Chen Cunwu was invited to attend 2017 Silicon Valley High Tech Talent Symposium

2017-05-31 23:00:42 DOWELL 239

On May 31, 2017, Zhang Geng, Mayor of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, led a delegation to visit Silicon Valley in the United States. At the plug and play technology center in Sunnyvale City, Silicon Valley in the United States, he held the 2017 Wenzhou innovation and entrepreneurship policy Silicon Valley promotion conference and Silicon Valley High tech talent Symposium. With the theme of "innovation Wenzhou, global network, industrial upgrading and re creation of brilliance", the conference focuses on the promotion of Wenzhou's innovation and entrepreneurship policies, overseas high-tech talents, representatives of U.S. institutions and entrepreneurs to discuss the plan for Wenzhou's economy to take off again, and the poster exhibition of warm start-up enterprises in Silicon Valley was launched. Chen Cunwu, President of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Silicon Valley, Zhou Changyin, CEO of visbit company, representative of young entrepreneurs, and Lin Shengle, President of Wenzhou Innovation Association in Silicon Valley, respectively, elaborated new opportunities for Wenzhou's economic development from their own professional experience.


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