M&D Regional Center and Mayor Lynwood visited Dowell Group's Shanghai headquarters

2015-11-20 23:00:23 DOWELL 442

On November 20, 2015, Wang Zuhui, director of operation of M&D Regional Center of the United States, led the team to visit Dowell Group's headquarters in Shanghai to promote the new project of "Mexico square" expansion of the regional center, in which Mr. Jose Luis Solache, Mayor of Lynwood in Los Angeles, the United States, was specially invited. The Mayor came here mainly to support the regional investment project "Mexico square" developed by his city, which will bring endless economic benefits to Lynwood city and its surrounding areas.


From left to right: Lu Zhile, Yang Aiping, ADA Peng, Jose Luis Solache, Shan Yun, Ady Wang, Huang Xuemei, David Yu

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