• Innovative in vitro diagnostic reagents

    The group and a PE institution jointly made a round of A round investment in a biotechnology enterprise in Zhejiang, helping it with the clinical trials and registration of a series of three types of medical devices, as well as the R & D of other urinary tumor pipeline products and the optimization and upgrading of its core technology platform.

  • Innovative research and development of anticancer drugs

    The Group invested in a well-known anti-cancer drug R & D company in Yunnan to help it carry out continuous research and development of anti-cancer drugs.

  • Smart Campus

    The Smart Campus Project is developed by Aokuila Technology Co., Ltd., which is controlled by the group, and operated by Dowell Lucun Technology (Yunnan) Co., Ltd.

  • Smart Trade Unions

    On July 26, 2021, the All China Federation of Trade Unions issued the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" for the Development of China's Labor Movement and Trade Union Work, making accelerating the construction of smart trade unions a key task in the next five years. Building a "smart trade union" is an important political task of China's trade unions in the new era.

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