Company History

Shanghai Dowell Group Co., Ltd. was founded in May 1994 with a registered capital of RMB 105 million yuan. At the beginning of its establishment, it was engaged in the research and development and production of electronic watt-hour meters, and it was one of the first manufacturers of electronic watt-hour meters in China. 

After the turning of the century, according to the economic development trend and the requirements of national industrial structure adjustment, the group diversified from its core businesses. Now the company has expanded into trading business both domestically and internationally, real estate development and property management, high-tech investment, finance and consulting services.

The group has several wholly owned subsidiaries and holding companies, using assets as the common link, with combined efforts, making their respective advantages complementary to each other. Centered on the company's strategic objectives to “Practice trade, strengthen real estate, and expand investment and financial services”, the company has carried out efficiently various production and operation activities.

The group is committed to prudent management style, abiding by the law, respect the contract, with good business reputation and professional skills. In recent years it has won the "AAA grade credit enterprise in Shanghai", "Shanghai contract and credit AAA enterprise", "Customer Satisfaction Product in Shanghai", "Shanghai Luwan District Model Company", "Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise" and other honorary titles. In 2010, the company was also rated as "Shanghai Brand Enterprise" by Shanghai brand construction promotion committee, and its smart electricity meter products were rated as "Shanghai Brand Products".

Carrying high hopes and expectations, Dowell staffs are to create "customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, social satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction", with "four satisfaction enterprises" as the vision, step by step, we strive to forge a brighter future.


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